Pineapple Park L3+ Stand-Up



Pineapple Park is a Level 3 Stand-Up With 48 200-Watt Smart Power, 2 meter tall UV Lamps to get you tanned QUICK with a 9 Minute Maximum Exposure!

Spring is always in season in the luscious Pineapple Park! The interior design features an innovative, decorative acrylic glass platform that you will absolutely love! Its comfortable Full-length handles, easy-touch control panel with intuitive symbols make this unit a joy to use. The overhead fan ventilation adds a tropical breeze. Plus, the large interior allows more tanning freedom and truly makes any session a walk in the park!



Walk in : $14 per session
5   Visits : $60
10 Visits : $105
1-Month Unlimited : $95
6-Months Unlimited : $495
Note: All package visits expire 6 months from purchase date.