Affinity 800 L4

With 51 Turbo Power 160-watt UV lamps, 4 Ultra Performance 520-watt facial tanners, the Affinity 800 offers the most powerful tanning performance of the series with a 12 Minute Maximum Exposure.  Along with power, this top model is also setting the standard in terms of comfort.

The wide new Body Shape acrylic provides a relaxing tanning position while the clear layout of the control panel ensures the simples operation. The Temptronic function keeps you desired temperature constant throughout the entire tanning session. The Affinity 800 is available with mood and ambient lighting in blue, magenta, yellow or red.



Walk in:  $18 per session
5 Visits : $80
10 Visits : $140
1-Month Unlimited : $135
6-Months Unlimited : $710
Note: All package visits expire 6 months from purchase date.